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Cameraman with filmcamera, stabilizer
Logo van Creamundi

Creative and driven

Video is a very efficient way to quickly reach a large audience.

It's popular on social media, good for your SEO, it can explain complex matter in a simple way,... Did you know that, by using video, you generate 86% more traffic to your website?

In short, video is cool and you should not be left behind, and as a freelance videographer I can help you with that.

By using video, you generate 86% more traffic to your website.


Cameraman, cameravrouw, Noa Sangulin




Everything under one roof.

I like being able to do everything myself. That's why I usually operate as a one-(wo)man crew.



That does not mean that I make concessions in regard to quality.

I always get a 



Cameraman, cameravrouw, Noa Sangulin
Cameraman, cameravrouw, Noa Sangulin

What can I do for you?

post production icon


Need subtitles, colour grading or a voice-over?

No problem.

I take care of your
production from start to finish.

Video camera icon


The possibilities are endless: commercials, corporate films, tutorials, aftermovies,... 

keyboard editen icon


The footage is processed into a high quality end product in line with your corporate identity.

bliksem icon


Spice up your videos

with small, short animations.

Specifically looking
for a wedding videographer?

tijdslijn van editen premiere pro



Bedankt voor de inzending!

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1910, Kampenhout


+32 472 632 538

BE 0698.607.064

Let's talk
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